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In recent years, there have been more open conversations about anxiety disorders, which has done a wealth of good for minimizing the stigma associated with mental illness. Anxiety symptoms manifest in so many different ways, ranging from an inability to speak in social settings to chronic pain with no apparent cause. While pharmacological interventions are often sought out, those medicines can be so powerful that users stop feeling like themselves and instead develop an out-of-body sensation. Luckily, there are different, natural products you can explore to manage symptoms of anxiety, like CBD and kratom. 

In this article, we highlight the best kratom for anxiety that is worth trying if you’re looking for real, sustainable support. Anxiety along with depression are disorders that require well-rounded efforts to keep in check, and though kratom isn’t necessarily a substitute for your regular practices, it can certainly be a new tool you add to your toolkit for helping to navigate the uncomfortable symptoms related to anxiety.

Anxiety can make you question the safety and efficacy of new products. To help ease your concerns, we broke down a little bit about each supplier’s history, let you know what their product offerings are, highlight a few kratom strains, and share some feedback from real customers who have given these best kratom for anxiety products a try and recommend them to others. Toward the end of the article, we explain more about kratom and answer some of the most common questions surrounding this increasingly popular supplement. 

4 Best Kratom for Anxiety 

  1. Super Speciosa – Editor’s Choice: Best Overall Kratom for Anxiety
  2. Kingdom Kratom – Runner Up: Outstanding Kratom Sourcing
  3. Kats Botanicals – Top Shopping Experience
  4. Top Extracts – Pioneering Force

Reviews of Our Choices for Best Kratom for Anxiety 

1. Super Speciosa – Editor’s Choice: Best Overall Kratom for Anxiety


  • Orders placed before 2 PM ship the next day
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The Company

Transparency is a major theme throughout Super Speciosa. This is the type of attribute we look for in a kratom company. They go through a number of different steps in the course of providing some of the best and highest quality kratom goods conceivable, enabling them to verify the quality of each batch. They offer you a peek into their process as well, making those lab reports available to you. They only use outside laboratories to check the reliability and safety of each of their offerings, which demonstrates their commitment to accountability.

Super Speciosa’s mission is to ensure that every customer has a wonderful experience with their premium goods and services. All of their kratom is finely ground, and they take the necessary precautions to provide it to you in the best condition. Customers at Super Speciosa are aware that if they’re unhappy with their order for any reason, they can always get in touch with them to settle any unresolved difficulties.

You can read and learn via their blog, which covers topics like what the various colors of different kratom strains mean, how to understand kratom labels if you’re new, and what types of strains are best for therapeutic benefits. Don’t forget to enter your email to sign up for the Super Speciosa mailing list if you want to receive free shipping along with exclusive offers and prizes.

The Products

Four main product categories are available from Super Speciosa. They are as follows:


If you like kratom capsules, you can look through the collection that Super Speciosa has, which includes, among others, white Thai kratom, premium Bali kratom, and green Maeng Da kratom capsules. Each vegan capsule in each jar includes roughly 600 milligrams of kratom powder. A 320-count jar costs $58.99, compared to a 60-count bottle’s total of $16.


In addition to various maeng da kratom selections, those of you who prefer kratom tablets can get red Bali kratom, green Bali kratom, and white maeng da kratom tablets. The price of these tablets is $59.99 for a bag containing 500 tablets. Each pill contains about 300 milligrams of crushed kratom leaf that is 100 percent pure. The best part? You only get the goodness of the leaf without any unnecessary fillers or additives.


This is easily the best kratom powder available online. Super Speciosa is stocked with amazing quality products at great prices.  This is an American Kratom Association certified company, and they sell a range of distinct kratom powders, including green vein, white vein, and red vein kratom powder. For as little as $9.99, you can pick up 20 grams of any of their kratom powders, or you can go big with 11 lbs. for $499.

Tea Bags

Super Speciosa sells kratom tea bags if you want to create tea with this ultra-calming supplement. These cost $24.99 for a bag of 15. There are three kratom strains of Maeng Da available: green, red, and white.

The Reviews

Customers who have used the tea bags find them calming and have made them a part of their evening routine or for those days when they require extra support to take on everything life is throwing their way. You will be able to enjoy the taste if you regularly drink different types of tea because you’ll be more used to the different flavors and will know how to complement them with other extras. One verified buyer cautioned, nevertheless, that for those who are not used to tasting various kinds of teas, these kratom tea bags might take some getting used to. A little honey may also be added, according to some customers, to sweeten the tea and mask some of the bitterness. Apart from that, clients are happy with the effectiveness and quality of these products and a little bitterness is something they can get past to enjoy the benefits.

Find out more at Super Speciosa

2. Kingdom Kratom – Runner Up: Outstanding Kratom Sourcing


  • Fresh and organic kratom
  • Customer happiness guaranteed
  • Independent lab tested 
  • Ships out the same day for fast delivery


  • Limited type of sample packs

The Company

Kingdom Kratom gives you access to top-quality products. The kratom strains they have are perfect for enhancing your life and overall sense of well-being. Their kratom is obtained directly from Indonesian farmers, who make sure it is always organic and pure. To ensure that you are constantly consuming a safe product, they analyze all of their kratom for contaminants as well as potency. They’ve been refining their processes and kratom products since 2017, and the company is only getting better. When you first visit their website, be sure to exchange your email address in order to obtain a 10% discount coupon to bring the cost of your first order down!

The Products

You’ll notice that there are four primary categories of product types when you first visit Kingdom Kratom’s website. You can choose your preferred kratom type from the list of options below.


You can buy anything between 25 grams and one kilogram. Prices start at $8.50 and go up to $122. Powder is the most typical method of kratom consumption. If you’re stocking up, this powder, which is made from kratom leaves, is a fantastic choice. Take note that kratom powder has a lower potency than extracts and capsules though. You can purchase various kratom strains such as green Malay kratom, green Maeng Da, super white Borneo, white Samarinda, yellow Vietnam, and green velvet. When you click on the item, you can learn a little bit more about each respective powder before making a final choice. 


You might want to look at some of the kratom extract products that Kingdom Kratom has to offer if you’re not sure about the powder and prefer a much more potent version of kratom. For example, you can order a 10 mL shot of extract which is simple, portable, and strong. It’s a tiny vile you can pop in your bag, and it holds as much as eight grams of the powder’s potency.  You can also check out their caramel sweets, liquid extract gel capsules, and sweet, chewy gummies all made with kratom extract!


You can buy kratom pills for an impact that is stronger, like extracts. These provide a more practical way for you to get rapid results without having to put up with any sort of unpleasant aftertaste, particularly if you’re sensitive to more bitter flavors. You can choose between a bottle with 60 or 120 capsules. They come in green, white, yellow, and red vein kratom strains. Between $18.99 to $34.99 is the price range.

Sample Packs

If you’ve checked out the different options and you’re still not sure which type to commit to, consider looking at their sampler packs. They offer personalized sample boxes for kratom capsules and kratom powder. With the help of these sample kits, you may investigate kratom on your own and decide which variety is best for alleviating your anxiety. 

The Reviews

This company stands out thanks to its high quality of service. Customers frequently remark on how attentive and considerate the service personnel are, treating them with great care. Calls to customer service aren’t fun when you’re navigating anxiety but kindness on the other end can really make a huge difference. Customers who tried the sample packs felt empowered to select various kratom strains for each new day. Ultimately, being able to sample different options helps them experiment to figure out which has the best effects for their needs.

Find out more at Kingdom Kratom

3. Kats Botanicals – Top Shopping Experience


  • Over 17k certified reviews
  • Use code “15KEP” to save $15
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Limited specialty products 

The Company

One of the kratom suppliers with obvious expertise is Kat’s Botanicals. By building a network on social media where you can discuss all the topics you find important, and meet new people with similar interests, they have gone above and beyond their products. They’ve fostered connection. You can always engage in stimulating conversations, discover more about kratom strains, and maintain contact with others who value wellness. Every human deserves relationships with like-minded folks in addition to wholesome foods and vitamins to maintain happiness. 

Anxiety can feel isolating but there are others who suffer with anxiety disorders like you do with whom you can connect. As a customer, you become a member of Kat’s Botanicals community, contributing to its success along with the success of other customers who are feeling better with each new day. 

The Products

You can browse the Kat’s Botanicals website by selecting the kratom strain you want to learn more about. If not, you can browse their categories, which include:

Specialty Products

We appreciate that Kat’s Botanicals is one of those kratom suppliers that develops cutting-edge items. Liquid kratom shots, flavored kratom packs (caramel apple, berry blast, and horchata), special reserve liquid kratom shots, and kratom gummies (tropical mango and green tea/citrus-flavored) are a few of their specialty goods.


Additionally, a wide array of strains, including chocolate, yellow Sunda and green Malay kratom, as well as a special few called above the waves, digital Buddha, and dark elephant are offered in the capsules. Expect to pay between $24.99 and $59.99. Choose a 250-count jar if you want to go for the largest option. You can find all the details you need about a given strain or blend in the product description, so you know what to anticipate. This knowledge is beneficial for those who are new to kratom and enables you to choose the remedy that delivers those feelings of ultimate calm and relaxation that move anxiety out of the way. 


There are various kratom powder options available, ranging from 35 grams to 500 grams. Check out the red elephant, green JongKong, plantation Maeng Da, and green Bali, among several other strains. Prices for kratom powders start at $7.99 and go as high as $69.99.

For Pets

Kratom for animals is happening! Three kratom dog chew formulae are available from Kat’s Botanicals: a soothing formula, skin and coat formula, and a hip and joint formula. The cost of each of these is $24.99. Each jar contains 30 soft chews, and the formulae are available in bacon and chicken flavors. 

The Reviews

Because of the incredibly quick shipping and consistently positive shopping experiences, many individuals have established Kat’s Botanicals as their go-to retailer. They call the “above the waves” blend a life hack, saying it helps with focus while keeping overwhelm at bay. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and are consistently accessible and helpful, with special welcoming attention toward new clients, which shows that they care about providing excellent customer service.

Find out more at Kat’s Botanicals

4. Top Extracts – Pioneering Force


  • New customers can take 15% off
  • Randomized testing process


  • Some countries, states, and counties have banned kratom and it can’t be shipped

The Company

This Chicago-based business was established under a set of straightforward guidelines. These guidelines include always offering a product that is both safe and efficient. Plus, they refuse to ever compromise on quality. Some companies just offer a small selection of items, but Top Extracts has a few fascinating categories. This business is a pioneer in the kratom sector. Since 2014, they have been making some of the best kratom for anxiety accessible to customers who enjoy its therapeutic benefits. 

They get all of their Kratom from different places like the Amazon and Indonesia. The core of the company, which first catered to the health and wellness sector as a modest operation, has since expanded and become a considerably larger enterprise. They’re certainly a force to be reckoned with. 

The Products

There are a few categories you can select from. They consist of:


Bulk kratom has a ton of value if you know exactly the type of kratom strain that eases your anxiety and can commit to a large order. You may purchase 5 kilograms for $589 or crushed leaf kratom for $355 respectively.


Purchase some kratom pills if you want a more convenient method of consuming your doses. Top Extracts has a wide selection, including travel kits and bottles with prefilled capsules. You can buy a sample pack to try out the various strains, including green vein kratom and red Maeng Da kratom.


Want to add a little caffeine to your kratom routine? Pick up some liquid kratom! But for those of you who can’t handle the effects of caffeine, don’t worry. They also have non-caffeinated options, like the liquid kratom shot that is packed with 45% kratom extract. Just make sure you purchase the right option depending on whether you do or don’t want caffeine included in the formula. They also have honey sticks, which are a fun way to dose kratom. 


Kratom powder is available also, and not necessarily in bulk. You can choose from the white, red, and green vein kratom strains of powder, which are available in jars or bags.


If you prefer to look at the extracts, you can find kratom extract tablets, root beer salt water taffy that has been infused with kratom, and even a “kratomade” drink mix! These are much like your typical water flavorings, except you get to enjoy your kratom dose along with a delicious flavor. 


Having access to sample packs is really beneficial if you’re ready to give kratom a try but you’re not sure what you like yet. For approximately $8 per jar, you can purchase travel-sized kratom powder or several pills to try out the various strains they offer.

The Reviews

Customers keep coming back because this is a reliable supplier with great customer service. Delivery is always fast, and a lot of their customer base is made of repeat customers who have been shopping from them for years. Interactions with this company are described as “stress-free”, which sounds like a dream for anxiety sufferers.

Find out more at Top Extracts

Factors Used to Pick Our Best Kratom for Anxiety Products

Online kratom purchases can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We weighed in on a few crucial variables when compiling this list of the best kratom for anxiety suppliers. Below, we go over them in more detail.

Company Background

Customers’ opinions of a company are influenced by product quality, customer service encounters, and reliability. The reputation begins to grow right away, even when a business is barely budding. The ones that endure are those that practice honesty and focus on educating their clientele rather than merely pushing sales. Whatever product you’re shopping for, there will always be manufacturers that don’t care about long-term viability. To find the best kratom for anxiety, we had to consider how the supplier operates as a whole, so you can trust their final kratom products and have a brand that is as loyal to you as you are to it. 


We chose suppliers who place a high priority on ethical sourcing, making sure that fair trade is integrated into their operations. It’s also critical that they carry out microbiological tests before kratom leaves arrive at their various production facilities because these components arrive from different parts of the world.

Product Types

It’s crucial to have plenty of choices if you go online to purchase kratom, regardless of whether you are new to it all or you have previously experimented with different strains and established certain personal favorites. Some kratom vendors just sell capsules and powder, but some also provide liquid shots, sweets, and even kratom for your four-legged companions. Make sure the supplier you pick has all the offerings you’re interested in. 

Which Kratom Strains are Best for Anxiety and Depression?

The best kratom for anxiety includes Indo strains, which can increase feelings of relaxation while raising feelings of well-being to help with overall mental health. Along with Indo strains, you can explore Thai and Borneo strains, which are also known for relieving anxiety. For a mood boost, you can check out Malaysian strains, as these are believed to provide a balance between uplifting and calming sensations. 

How Does Kratom Help with Anxiety Symptoms?

For people who experience anxiety, kratom can be beneficial due to the calming and relaxing effects it has on users. Remember, however, that different strains and different dosages produce different results. For example, Borneo kratom is well known for its sedating qualities, and it’s available in green, white, and red vein varieties. 

Green Malay kratom is also a fantastic strain for relieving anxiety and boosting overall mental health. In lower doses, it works well for pain relief but in higher doses, it has an ultra-calming effect. Kratom interacts with opioid receptors, which is why some turn to it for pain relief. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this interaction with opioid receptors can alleviate anxiety and other symptoms related to opioid withdrawal. 

What Are the Benefits of Kratom

While research on kratom is still limited, anecdotal evidence points to several benefits related to both physical and mental health. Pain relief is a popular benefit and the reason so many people turn to kratom. Because it interacts with the brain’s opioid receptors, iIt can also have mood-boosting benefits that deliver euphoric sensations; this is helpful for dealing with low moods and can also be used as a recreational way to enhance your day. 

Kratom works in different ways and can be perfect for energizing you when you need it. In low doses, it acts more like a stimulant and users say it gives them that extra kick and confidence they need to tackle important tasks. Some users say they get more talkative, which can be helpful in social situations, particularly if anxiety turns you into a wallflower in these types of settings. 

Other mental health benefits include calm, relaxation, and even sedation. In higher doses, particularly with certain strains, you can experience a great sense of relief, like a deep breath that brings down your anxiety and helps you regain your balance. If you’ve never tried kratom before, expect a little trial and error as you discover the strains you love and the doses that help you feel better. 

How to Use Kratom

That depends on the kind of kratom product you decide on and also, on the type of condition you’re dealing with. Chronic pain requires a different routine than if you’re just working to quell anxiety. Picking the right kratom strain is important so you can get the results you’re expecting. For example, red Bali kratom is known for helping to ease pain and boosting your mood with that sense of euphoria that makes you feel like you can overcome all things. It can help to improve your sleep quality and help you manage daily stressors better. It’s important to take the time to research the different strains and then test out a couple to see which one best interacts with your body to deliver the relief you need. 

How Long Does Kratom Take to Kick In?

It’s crucial to take the right dosage in order to achieve the intended benefits. Kratom users are surprised as to how taking Kratom in capsule form might be the most effective method. This is due to the widespread belief that it will take some time for the capsules to dissolve before the powder is absorbed by the body, delaying the benefits. However, this is untrue. In the stomach, the capsules quickly disintegrate in around 15 minutes. And after 15 to 60 minutes of intake, the benefits of kratom usually start to manifest.

Is Kratom Safe?

Even the best kratom products ought to always include a disclaimer. It’s always wise to speak with your doctor before trying a new supplement, especially if you’re already on any prescription drugs. There are a few possible kratom adverse effects, including nausea, difficulty breathing, restlessness, and visions. 

The validity of the kratom vendor is ultimately the most crucial factor when thinking about the safety of kratom. The responsibility still rests with the vendors as the FDA does not regulate kratom. The best approach to make sure you’re consuming a pure, dependable product is to only buy from providers you can trust, such as the ones we’ve mentioned above.


What type of kratom is best for anxiety?

Indo kratom strains typically produce the best relaxing effects. Some kratom strains may have such calming effects that they are best used before bed to promote restful sleep instead of during the day when you still have things to do. Dosage is critical when it comes to kratom. To get the desired soothing effects, be sure you’re taking the proper dose, which is usually heavier than if you prefer an energizing effect. 

What else is kratom good for?

Products made from kratom can be used for therapeutic benefits but some kratom users enjoy kratom recreationally. It can cause states of euphoria. It can also be used to increase energy levels and keep people awake and stimulated, which may be beneficial for activities that demand high energy and attention. Kratom strains have medicinal uses that include easing the symptoms of anxiety and pain relief. People looking for a natural approach to cope with opiate withdrawal have found comfort in kratom as well, which has been helpful in transitioning away from these addictive substances. 


When it comes to the best kratom for anxiety, you have some of the best suppliers and most potent strains included in this list. Consider whether you’re interested in kratom solely for anxiety-relieving benefits, or if you’re looking to quell some other issue, like chronic pain. A little research goes a long way, and the beauty is that you can sample different strains and types, and when you find the strain you’re most into, you can purchase it in bulk! We hope to have made your search easier, narrowing it down to four amazing suppliers who provide top-notch products with super helpful customer service. Relief is possible and kratom can help. 

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