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NEW YORK, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — StealthBastard team announces the release of the review “Best Kratom Vendors”. As more people become interested in trying kratom, many also wonder where to buy kratom online from a reliable verified source. It is important to purchase from the best online kratom vendors as they offer premium quality products that enable users to reap the full benefits of kratom.

This can be a challenge as the skyrocketing popularity of kratom has resulted in a plethora of kratom vendors online. There are many factors to take into account when choosing a kratom source. This guide is intended to showcase some of the best kratom vendors in the market.

Here are the best kratom vendors in 2021 on short:
1. New Dawn Kratom – Best Vendor Overall & Best Prices
2. Golden Monk – Well-known Kratom Vendor
3. Kraken – A bit expensive but an amazing shop

Best Kratom Vendors of 2021 reviewed in-depth:

1. New Dawn Kratom – Best Vendor Overall & Best Prices

At the top of the list for best overall kratom vendor of 2021 is New Dawn Kratom (NDK). This company fulfills all the criteria of being the best kratom vendor in the market. NDK offers premium quality products where each batch of product is tested for purity. This seller also has a wide variety of products that are sourced ethically.

With the best pricing on the market, NDK also offers considerable discounts on any order coming from a new customer and offers a fool-proof 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Customer service is top notch, taking the motto “the customer is always right” to a whole new level. Shipping is also and quite fast (2-4 days – despite their COVID Notice).

Needless to say, NDK has a stellar reputation and has already established itself through customer reviews and even a reddit group where dozens of Redditors enthusiastically recommends NDK as the best kratom vendor. These Reddit connoisseurs have described NDK’s product as smooth, incredibly potent, and of the highest quality.


  • The smallest packaging available is 250 grams.
  • Some strains can be very potent and may require dose adjustments.
  • Free Shipping

2. Golden Monk

Another great vendor newer to the industry is Golden Monk (GM), a company with a solid reputation with recognition from American Kratom Association for its Good Manufacturing Practices. Users have reported satisfaction with the quality of the products. GM also conducts tests on their wide variety …….


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