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Kratom is a natural product with a wide range of benefits. Like any other organic product, kratom can expire or go bad if not stored well.

On various occasions you’ll come across various users questions such as – Does kratom expire? What is Kratom’s shelf life? How do I store my kratom? And many more. Surprisingly, both new and experienced users ask these questions in various kratom communities. That means most users are not aware of how to store their kratom.


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Kratom’s shelf life is about 3 months. However, if well stored in a cool, dry place, and in airtight packaging, the product can last longer. Airtight packaging helps maintain the freshness and potency of the product. If you consume kratom that has gone bad, you may not feel its effects no matter your dosage. However, if your kratom was exposed to moisture, mold growth can occur. Consuming kratom with mold can result in severe side effects.

In this article, we have answered the question does kratom expire. We have also detailed more on how to store the product for an extended shelf life.

Does Kratom Go Bad?

In a nutshell, yes, kratom loses its effectiveness over time. Kratom is a living plant, and as such, it will decompose over time. Long shelf life can be achieved by drying and preserving kratom properly.

Think of herbs in the kitchen. Even though many people do not realize that store-bought spices expire, even the best-preserved herbs can lose their flavor and health benefits over time. The expiration of kratom can cause the same problem. You will not be harmed by expired kratom, but you won’t get the same fresh aroma or desired effects.

Kratom can also expire as a result of some chemical effects. The alkaloid mitragynine, which is found in kratom, can degrade if it is exposed to oxygen for a long period. We’ll go over how to properly store your kratom in the following paragraphs.

What Is Kratom’s Shelf Life?

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