Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Kratom first came to the US, but one thing’s for sure; it’s certainly here to stay. With the ever-increasing popularity of this herb, more and more Kratom vendors are coming into the limelight with novel consumption ideas, especially Kratom capsules.

Here’s a quick guide on everything you will want to know about Kratom capsules; how they are made, how they differ from Kratom pills, and if they’re the best option for you!

Kratom capsules take the form of gelatin shells containing the leaves of the plant in either crushed or powdered form. These are often consumed instead of Kratom tea or a direct serving of Kratom powder as many people find them to be highly convenient. Kratom capsules have emerged as the Kratom product of choice for many users because of their unadulterated dose and fast results.

Generally speaking, capsules are a form of pills, but it’s better not to label them as such because the term “pill” is heavily associated with a bitter taste and being hard to swallow. Capsules are much different from pills in the following ways:

  • A capsule only acts as a shell for a pre-measured Kratom dose while pills house several different ingredients.
  • Since the capsule shell is enough to hold the dose together, there is no adulteration with any binding ingredients unlike with a pill. Thus, it preserves the original Kratom content.
  • The capsule shell is designed to break instantly upon consumption, making it possible to experience the full effects almost immediately.
  • The smooth exterior of the capsule shell makes it very easy to swallow.
  • There is no bitter taste associated with capsules as they’re completely flavorless.

Kratom users have always enjoyed the herb in many different forms. Powders have been very popular in the wake of the Kratom popularity, with people using it to concoct Kratom teas and drinks. Some people even prefer even more traditional approaches like directly chewing on the leaves. However, that’s all changed ever since more and more Kratom users began to know about capsules and the many benefits that they pack into their gel structure.

Kratom capsules have now emerged as the safest way to consume Kratom, especially for beginners who don’t do so well when it comes to precise powder weight. Here are some of the reasons capsules have outshined the traditional powder form.

1. No More Bitter Taste

While many people have loved the herb, the taste has never been one of Kratom’s strong suits. Kratom is known to have an earthy, herbal …….



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