Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

As kratom grows in popularity across the world, the number of kratom users is on the rise. To cope with the growing demand of the kratom community, there are more kratom vendors as well. Having a good and reputable kratom vendor is vital as it contributes to providing a good experience. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the newest kratom vendors to join the ranks, Nova Kratom.

A Brief Introduction to Nova Kratom

Nova Kratom is a company that started out in Oregon as a local store. This brand prides itself as a small batch kratom vendor as they believe that this ensures that each customer is well taken care of. As their sales picked up, Nova Kratom launched its online website in early November 2021, aiming to provide kratom users across the United States with fresh and potent kratom.

Vision and Values

At Nova kratom, the company’s aims are to provide the best service and high quality of products. However, being a small batch vendor, their stock is limited as each batch is ethically sourced directly from local farmers in southeast Asia. Nova Kratom supports the local farmers via a Fair-Trade arrangement to ensure that there is a next generation of kratom farmers to sustain the community. Their products are regularly tested and ensured to be 100% natural. Nova kratom also pledges to only offer premium grade kratom guaranteed to have high levels of alkaloids.

What Makes Nova Kratom an Excellent Kratom Vendor?

There are many elements to consider when it comes to determining if a kratom vendor is reliable. Here are some of the factors why Nova Kratom is a great choice:


Based on their website, Nova kratom obtains their products directly from Indonesian farmers following the Fair-Trade policy. Ethically harvested and produced, the Fair Trade is crucial as it ensures that the local farmers are paid a higher price to help improve their environmental and social standards. This ensures that the local farmers can live better lives, offer better quality products, and are able to pass on the trade as the new generation steps in.

Product Variety

Although a small batch vendor, the brand first started with a limited number of strains locally. Since the launch of their website, Nova kratom now has an estimated 70 different types of kratom strains on their site, allowing even the most experienced kratom user to have fun experimenting.

Lab Testing

On their website, Nova Kratom guarantees that they test all their products for contaminants, heavy metals, and adulterants. They ensure that their products …….



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