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Kratom helped me to regain my life and is now the subject of a bill that was recently passed by the Michigan House of Representatives, HB 5477. Millions of other Americans like me use kratom for many different wellness purposes, including increasing energy, managing anxiety and depression and alleviating withdrawal symptoms.

Research published earlier this year found that kratom is considerably safer than drugs like opioids and ongoing research at the University of Florida is exploring whether kratom could be a tool in addressing the opioid crisis. The science speaks for itself — Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, has been vocal in her support for continued research on the safety of kratom.

Today, thanks to kratom, I lead an active, happy life. I volunteer for causes that are important to me, like at a children’s foundation visiting hospital wards. I go on long bike rides with my husband on the trails around Kalamazoo and have been camping under the stars out west. I was able to dance the night away at my son’s wedding. This year, I have been providing full-time childcare for my 9-month-old granddaughter and we have been enjoying weekly trips to the zoo where I am able to push her around in her stroller for hours. I am an active part of my family’s life, which is something I couldn’t say before.

My story is just one example of why there …….

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